Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Red Sox Roundup

With the team tries to get back on its feet after last year's debacle, this is stacking up to be pretty much the most entertaining pre-season of Red Sox baseball ever.  Hot off the presses, Pedro Martinez knows why Felix Doubront is looking so fat:
"I believe he just doesn’t know. He hasn’t been taught that he’s going to be held accountable for his performance out there and the way he looks and that this is really a serious business . . . .  I’m going to be straightforward and I’m going to say it the way it is. Point blank, the way it is. If he wants to hear it or if he doesn’t, that’s OK . . . I can’t handle the fact that I have all this knowledge and not give it away."
I love that last line.  But who was supposed to teach Doubront accountability up until now?  Come on, Pedro, say it like is!  It's Bobby Valentine's fault!  As Dan Shaughnessy points out, everything else is:
"Blaming Bobby is the new parlor game here in southwest Florida. It’s all the rage. Alfredo Aceves pulls a nutty? Bobby was too easy on him last year. New relay drills? They have to fix what Bobby broke. If anyone gets into a fender-bender on Route 41, it’s probably Bobby Valentine’s fault."

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