Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Day On The Western Greenway Trail

The Western Greenway Trail blaze that you must learn to follow if you want to stay on the trail

Trail running offers a welcome respite for the body and mind from the leg-pounding, split-obsessed rigor of road running.  After the physical and mental beating I took in the Burlington Marathon, I resolved to do more of my runs on trails, to harness the more soul-nourishing aspects of running.  Living in a more urban area, however, with a full schedule, there often isn't time to drive to a trail and run, which is often why I end up running on roads.  I've recently been turned on to the Western Greenway Trail however, which runs close by my work and runnably near to where I live as well.

The Western Greenway Trail is strung together between open-space preserves, parks and other land areas to form a cohesive trail running in the middle of urban/sub-urban areas.  Unless you knew about it, you might not be able to find it.  It's at times hard to follow, as it crosses city streets, darts in and out of the woods.  It is well-marked, however, and as soon as you learn to follow the blazes along the patterns the trail runs, you'll find yourself with a healthy length of trail to run.  I've been able to run for over an hour without encountering a single person all while being in the middle of heavily populated towns just on the outskirts of Boston.

Here are some pictures from my recent outing on the Western Greenway Trail on July 4th.

A gorgeous boggy boardwalk section
Singletrack throughout
Often crossing roads

Well-groomed trails

Meadows here and there

One of my favorite sections, through pines with a stone wall

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