Thursday, April 4, 2013

Daniel Nava, DH?

My impression of Daniel Nava was that he had a good season last year - good but not great. It appeared for a while he was going to have a fantastic year, before falling off of a cliff (like most of the Sox, but that's another story).

So I was surprised to tune in to the Sox/Yanks game last night and see him hitting 2nd - and as a DH no less. Has it come to this, that our DH has a career line of  .243/.352/.390? Doing some quick reading, it sounds like Farrell regards Nava highly, and sees him as a platoon with Gomes, going so far as to announce that Nava, a much better leftie hitter, is the best choice to bat 2nd vs. righties. So we may be seeing more of Nava than anyone expected this year. Hell, we may even see him at first base Which, if he keeps performing like he did last night (2 for 3 with a double - he's .667 with an .800 OBP! Sign him to an extension!), looks like it'll work out just fine.

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