Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Doubront's Efficiency

Coming into this season, I was hopeful that Doubront would start to pitch more efficiently. There were flashes at the end of last season when he was pitching effectively and was able to make it through more than 5 innings. However, his first few games this season are not encouraging. Last night, facing a weak Indians lineup and given a seven run cushion in the second inning, Doubront labored to get through five innings, needing 104 pitches (!) to do so. In fact, he had the bases loaded in the bottom of the fifth, but fortunately got Reynolds to popup. And this on what - 10 days of rest?

I know that Doubront is only our 5th starter, but these results are not acceptable, and in fact probably won't get the job done when the relatively weak hitting Sox face any pitcher other than the train wreck that is Jimenez (remember when he used to be good with the Rockies?) If he doesn't step it up soon, i'd be surprised if the Sox didn't start looking for other options for their 5th starter.

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