Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kindle Book Exchange

Would you like to borrow one of my Kindle books?  If so, read on . . . . 

One of the potentially great features of the Kindle is the ability to loan books.  I say "potentially," because there are three significant restrictions. 
  1. You can only loan a book one time.  After that, you can never loan it again.
  2. The loan will be for fourteen days, regardless of the length of the book.  If the person to whom you loan your book is not able to read it that quickly, too bad.
  3. The publisher must give permission for the book to be lendable.   
It is this third condition that is the most restricting.  As with some of its counterintuitive pricing, Amazon blames the publisher, but in any case, of the 51 books that I have purchased on my Kindle, only three are lendable.  (See the screenshot below.  On, under "Manage Your Kindle," each of your books has an "Actions..." button.  If "Loan this title" is an option, then the book is lendable.)

These are the books I can currently lend:
So, who wants to read one of them?

Here's the deal.  Leave a comment and let me know which of these Kindle books you would like me to lend to you.  In the same comment, let me know what lendable Kindle you have, that you would be willing to lend to me.  If you have something that I might like to read, we'll swap books.

(And even if you don't like what I've got, go ahead and post what you have - you just might find a new trading partner.)

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  1. I just got a Kindle, but alas do not have any books on it yet - i'm waiting until i'm finished with 1Q84 to purchase my first one. I'll let you know what I end up with because I'd love to start trading books!

    Question: if you've loaned a book to someone, can you read that book at the same time? Or are you locked out of the book until the 14 day period is over? It would be sweet if you could loan out a book and then read it together...

  2. - barefoot running book (jason robillard) $2.49 purchase price
    - three cups of deceit (jon krakauer) free->$2.50 purchase price
    - the saint (oliver brody) $0.99 purchase price
    - sunset park (paul auster)
    - see no evil (robert baer)

  3. If you've loaned a book, you cannot read it at the same. You'll be locked out.

    I'd definitely be up for reading Sunset Park at some point.