Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So Many Kindles

I'm intrigued by all of the different Kindles that were announced today.

Given that both of you currently use one, do you have any opinions on what you think might be the benefits/faults of these new versions? Do either of you use a tablet or is it just the Kindle?

I ask because I'm starting to envision the day when I have a tablet that not only serves as a replacement for my home PC but also something on which I can read my books, but i'm not sure how viable this is. For one, both of you have stated that  eye strain is almost non-existent on the current kindle, something that would be reintroduced in these back-lit versions.


  1. I have no interest in the color kindle. I have no urge to read books on a backlit screen, nevermind the fact that it weighs nearly three times as much, and has only eight hours of battery life.

    I also have no interest in the Kindle Touch. Touch screens are cool technology, but they add nothing to the reading experience. As opposed to using buttons, it will take longer to turn the page, and you'll constantly have to deal with a greasy, smudged screen. And, oh yeah, it weighs more.

    The plain old regular Kindle at $79 looks like a great buy. I almost never use the keyboard, so I'm happy to see the keyboard gone. Odd that it has only 1 month of battery life (vs. 2 months for the Kindle Touch), but 1 month is plenty. Also has less memory than the Kindle Touch, but 2 GB is plenty. If I was buying a new Kindle, this is the one I'd get.

  2. So essentially you're saying that you'd rather have a dedicated device for your reading because of it's benefits (no backlight, weight, battery time) rather than trying to have one device for everything. That makes sense. I've been thinking all this time that i'd get one device for everything but the more i read and ponder it, it does seem like going with one smaller device that's dedicated to books is the way to go.

  3. Exactly.

    Especially because, for me, the "everything else other than reading" category is already covered by my iPhone, or is just not that important.

    And add in price as one of the benefits. Not just for the dollars saved, but because I don't get stressed about whether my device is lost, stolen, scratched, etc.