Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September Aces

Pop Quiz time: without reviewing their stat lines, rank Boston's rotation (Beckett, Bedard, Lackey, Lester, Wakefield) according to their ERA over the past 3 starts, from best to worst.

Answers in the comments.


  1. Bedard: 5.40
    Wakefield: 6.00
    Beckett: 6.51
    Lackey: 8.68
    Lester: 10.54

  2. Um... and this is the guy we have going tonight?

    Seriously. These numbers are stunning. I knew we were pitching badly, but 10.54!?!! And even if Lester pitches well tonight and we win, you know the Rays will win against the Yankees poo-poo platter of backup and reliever pitchers they'll toss out tonight. This means that we'll have Lackey or Wakefield going in the one-game playoff. URGH.

    The good (?) news is that without the android out-machine Aceves (who most likely will not be available tonight), the Sox may be activating Buchholz for long-relief tonight. Hey, he's better than anyone else we have!

  3. Lester's going tonight on short rest, too. Should be interesting.

    As far as Aceves - I really hope that we don't irreparably injure him, trying to get into the playoffs. We need a guy like for years to come. He's already thrown 6-1/3 innings over the course of three consecutive days.

    I'd be as happy seeing Wakefield start against TB tomorrow (if necessary) as any other pitcher. Which ain't saying much.

  4. one game at a time.

    let's hope the boys swing their bats tonight.

  5. The The Surviving Grady Strategy for Surviving Today’s Must-Win Starts by Wakefield and Lackey was from last week, but I think it applies to tonight's start as well.

    For tonight's game, I may have to either follow these procedures or take a page from the Eric Hodge Drinking Man's Red Sox Survival Guide.

  6. for the record, that plan worked just fine. and boded well for a little baby boy who had some reflux issues in the night... can deny the helpfulness of a little alcohol induced patience.

    i plan to repeat that recipe verbatim tonight (hopefully minus the baby boy reflux).