Thursday, September 8, 2011

running, red sox sunday

this past sunday should have been a dream.  and, really, it was, if i'm thinking bigger picture.

i woke up early and ran the tavern to tavern 5K.  later that afternoon i dressed up the lad and my wife, son and i all went to fenway to watch the red sox play (my son's first sox game).

the weather was quite humid, but, we're new englanders, we're accustomed to just about anything.  having to hold back at the race wasn't enjoyable, but, i'm really glad i did.  i never do that, really...  i'm usually a pedal to the metal kind of guy, the kind of guy who get's overuse injuries all the time.  but i started out of the blocks pretty fast and kept that pace up for near 2 miles.  at that point, i felt the leg start to burn like i'd been shot in it, so i slowed to a walk for a bit, then slowly jogged my way in.  for some reason, my official time didn't post on the results, but even with the portion walked, i didn't do too badly.  the best thing is that i proved to myself that i can still go fast (fast is relative, of course, i should say fast for me!) and i didn't push my leg into a bad state.

the sox game was a hot one, but we were prepared for that.  the only issue i had was with the level of play.  lackey was on the mound, and the bats weren't working.  we lost handily...  but hey, we were there, and my son was a great little boy the whole time.

all in all, could have been worse.  here's hoping i have a lot more of those sundays to come in the future!!


  1. John Lacky: enabling Red Sox losses since 2010.

    Glad to hear your leg is still feeling good after the race. Now make sure you don't push it more next Thursday! Your time will come. Friends of mine are letting me know about a buncha 5Ks coming up in Oct and Nov, so you can plan on opening it up in one of those once you get that calf out of cardiac arrest and upright again!

  2. That would be great if we could do some 5ks in the next couple mOnths! I'll follow your lead, in all respects!

  3. What's going on Thursday? Eric, are you racing?

    I'm glad you didn't push yourself on Sunday. Definitely get healed up! It might be possible to run through pain for a 5k, but a marathon is a different game.

    Y'all got to post in advance when you run races, so I can be jealous!

  4. Todd and I are racing 4.2, follow by beer on the charles river. Let's run, have fun and be fit summer running series. Always a good time.

  5. I'll do some digging about some 5 or 10Ks in October / November and let you know. For now, the only two races in my future are tomorrow (5K) and the Mardi Gras 4.2 on 9/15, so jealous away! ;)