Monday, September 26, 2011

Long Run, Big Eating

I have a problem. Whenever I go for a long run - 7 miles or more - I eat WAY too much when I get home. I start off by chugging a glass of water, then I make a smoothie (banana, blueberries, muscle milk, soy milk and some flax seed), and then despite my best efforts, I end up basically scarfing down whatever I can get my hands on until I feel stuffed. I'm not sure what to do about it other then to have a spread of healthy food laid out for my return from the road. 

I mention this because the latest issue of RW mentions this problem in this month's "Miles and Meals" article. But their solutions aren't really anything that I can incorporate: they suggest eating a meal 2-3 hours before the run (impossible to do when running first thing in the morning) or skipping recovery snack in favor of sitting down to a full meal within 30 minutes (also impossible when I have just enough time to shower up before having to watch the kids). Any suggestions on how I can realistically battle the long-run munchies?


  1. Personally, I allow myself to eat whatever I want after a long run. You've just burned a ton of calories and your body knows what it needs!

    But if you think you are scarfing too much, the smoothie may be the culprit. The whole point of a post-work smoothie is that it allows you to put a ton of nutrients (including protein and carbohydrates) into your stomach quickly, without feeling stuffed.

    So what if, instead of a smoothie, you were to eat a banana, then eat a bowl of blueberries(perhaps with some flax seed on top, and then drink some muscle milk and/or soy milk? I'll bet that as a result of slowing down and chewing, you'd be feeling fuller already.

  2. too much for what reason? is it causing stomach trouble, or are you just saying too many calories?

    i tend to eat a pre-made recovery drink directly after the run (~300 calories) and then rehydrate until i'm the same weight i was before the run. that usually keeps me from passing out until i can get a square meal in, with proper nutrition.

    but i don't run in the morning, so i can see how that would change things...

  3. The problem is too many calories. And unfortunately, i'm not sure my body really knows what it needs! It actually happens even when I'm not running: I keep eating and eating and before I know it i've consumed more calories then I've burned.

    I like the idea of perhaps skipping the smoothie in favor of a recovery drink (I use Muscle Milk) and something designed to fill me up right quick: bannanas and some bread with hummus, perhaps.