Thursday, September 15, 2011

race night

this is the third time this year i've been signed up to race with todd.  the first time was march.  i pulled my hamstring in february and sat that one out.  the next one was in june.  high fever, chills, sore throat and body aches left me making a last minute (literally) decision to bag it.  this time, it's the calf...  but i'm racing.  it won't be the rain nor thunder nor lightening nor legs that stop me from running tonight....

(maybe i need to stop signing up for races with todd?)

anyway, looking forward to getting a run in, as i haven't done that much at all lately.  going to try out a compression sleeve.  nothing else has worked, so maybe this will?  a report will follow.

regardless, i look forward to seeing todd hammer through yet another blistering race and look forward to getting some miles underfoot (for a chance), even if i keep it slow and sure.  i'm rooting for todd to take a top 5 (top 3 even) in the AG!  (the better he does, the higher up he'll be in the beer line!)


  1. Am I seeing the results right? Todd, did you really just run this 4.2 mile race at a 6:08 pace? That's insane. Just insane. Congratulations!

    And Eric - didn't you promise to take it easy with your injured leg? What is with the 7:17 you put on the board? I can't do that when fully healthy!

    Hope you all enjoyed a well deserved beer, or three!

  2. We enjoyed three beers + and they went down really smoothly after that run. Nothing's better than a nice cold beer after a race, although I have to say I wasn't a huge fan of those hoppy harpoons they were serving up (didn't stop me from drinking them tho).

    Thanks for the kind words! I was able to have another really good run! Not sure how i'm pulling this off, because my only race plans are to find fast people and try to stick with them. From the official results:

    Time: 25:45
    Pace: 6:08
    Overall place: 26
    24th male overall

    I basically just ran fast the entire time. Didn't have my usual kick at the end as I tried to use that energy beforehand. The crazy thing is that I feel really good! I actually may go out for a short run at lunch! Not sure how I got here but i'm hoping to keep it up!

    As for Eric, despite our pleas to keep it slow, he ran very fast too, although may have hurt himself again. His cardio fitness is there, the leg is not. We were talking to some guys last night and the advice of everyone is just to cross-train for a month or so until the leg is healed and then start hitting the pavement again. Eric, you'll have to let us know what you end up doing.