Thursday, September 15, 2011

Josh Reddick: Wrestler

Presented without comment:

"Josh Reddick doesn’t only sit on a Triple H-themed folding chair in the middle of the Red Sox clubhouse and he didn’t only buy Dustin Pedroia an autographed Ric Flair robe off eBay earlier this season. Nope, he also apparently spends time thinking about his own wrestling costume, just in case a career change comes along.

“Obviously I’d have to put on about 30 more pounds,” he told’s Jessica Camerato. “I feel like I’d be one of those high-flying guys that just jumps up off the ropes all the time doing all kinds of crazy flips, that kind of thing. I’d be loud — I’d have to be loud. The quiet guys don’t really make it a whole lot. [I would] probably wear the standard Speedo with kneepads and boots. It’d have to be red. Red’s been my color since I don’t know how long.”"


  1. wow. ummmm....

    (where did you find this?)

  2. Added link to the post. (Still not used to blogger's new interface yet.)

    They've always got a lot of good articles. Another good one today was Bard addressing his recent struggles.