Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Deep in the Heart of Texas

It's looking more and more like we'll be playing the first round of the playoffs in Texas. So, here's a summary of how the regular season games went:

April 1 (away): Loss (5-9, LP: Bard)
April 2 (away): Loss (5-12, LP: Lackey)
April 3 (away): Loss (1-5, LP: Buchholz)
August 22 (away): Loss (0-4, LP: Bedard)
August 23 (away):Win (11-5, WP: Lackey)
August 24 (away): Win (13-2, WP: Beckett)
August 25 (away): Win (6-0, WP: Miller)
September 2 (home): Loss (0-10, LP: Miller)
September 3 (home): Win (12-7, WP: Bedard)
September 4 (home): Loss (4-11, LP: Lackey)

They're a tough opponent for us, no doubt, and there are a lot of high scoring games, usually decided in the early innings. As for our possible starting pitchers, here are their ERAs against Texas this year:

Beckett: 1.50 (6.0 IP)
Lester: 8.44 (5.1 IP)
Lackey: 11.15 (15.1 IP)
Bedard: 4.50 (24.0 IP)
Wakefield: 1.50 (6.0 IP)
Miller: 7.04 (7.2 IP)
Buchholz: 5.68 (6.1 IP)

(Note that Lester's only game against Texas was the season opener, and Lester always starts out poorly.)

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  1. Scary numbers. My favorite (of course): Lackey: 11.15 (15.1 IP). The Sox will have their work cut out for them in the playoffs.

    Of course, our other potential opponent would be Detroit, and the idea of facing Verlander twice in a short series doesn't thrill me either.