Sunday, September 11, 2011

Canal Diggers 2011

The results from the Canal Diggers 2011 5K are in. Here's what I was able to accomplish:
Time: 19:24.7
Pace: 6:16
Place: 21
Division: 6 out of 100
I'm obviously pretty happy with the results. Might try doing some speed work before my next 5K to see if I can't improve on that. I'd say that I'd see if I couldn't improve in my division - the top three finishers make some money after all! - but the 5th place 30-39 year old finished in 17:45. That's faster than I was able to run a 5K when I was 17, when I ran a 17:58 in the VT XC State Championship. Yikes!


  1. Amazing!

    You make me feel as if folks my age really are still pretty young, after all.

  2. it gets tight up there at the top!! your progression is astounding, faster and faster every time. don't rule out a sub 18... i'm SURE you'll be able to do a sub 19 though.

    keep after it, my man; can't wait to see (well, i'll probably only see you at the start, but you know what i mean) what kind of pace you put on this thursday!