Sunday, September 11, 2011


I think it finally hit me that, less than a month from now, I'm on the slate to run 31 miles in the woods.

Or if not that, maybe it's the weather. But regardless, for some reason, I've been really insanely enthusiastic to get out and train. This week, I managed to cover 40 miles. 40 miles! (Actually, 40.01!) OK, a lot of marathon training programs call for more. But I still find it unbelievable, given that, just a few years ago, the idea of running 7 miles/week seemed barely attainable.

I do think that this is the peak in my preparation for the 50k. I've never run more than 29.4 miles in a week before, and that was back in June. So I've already totally broken the rule not to increase one's mileage more than 10% in a given week, and that means I've been lucky to avoid injury. But injury or no, I can definitely feel the wear and tear this week has taken on me. So, the plan is to take it easy for the next five days; run a long run (25 miles?) over the weekend; and then begin my taper.

I do wish I had been training this intensely earlier in the summer, but for a variety of reasons it just wasn't feasible. I have no doubt that I will finish the 50k, even if not as fast as I could have otherwise done. I must say, though, I am really curious to find out how I do.


  1. both you and todd have been hammering it this year. todd with the pace and you with the distance. i'm incredibly impressed with this...

    40 miles in a week is a LOT as far as i'm concerned! how many runs did you do?

    any goal time for the 50K? btw, i still think it's absolutely hilarious (read: nuts) that your FIRST ever race is going to be a 50K, a distance you have yet to run. if you would have said it to me 2 years ago, i would have not taken you seriously... now i not only know you'll finish, but am curious to watch as YOU get faster too!

  2. Damn! 40 miles in a week. I'm tired just thinking about this! I suspect that only 25 (only?) is probably my high week over the last few months.

    Do you do anything in particular to recover after a long run? I personally find my legs to be pretty wasted after a 8-10 mile run, much less a 25 mile one.

    Curious: did you come up with a mileage chart for your training (e.g., 10 miles on Mon, rest on Tuesday, 6 miles on Wed., etc.)? I'm pondering if I need to do this once I need to start putting something like this together.

    Keep us updated on your training progress as you go!

  3. Truthfully, my legs get way more wasted during a three mile fast run than during a long slow run. I suspect it's the opposite for you - and surely, it's a function of the way we've been training.

    More than any muscle soreness, my joints do feel creaky after running long. Maybe it's just psychological, but I take a cold bath after a long run, and I think it helps. I guess it's the same theory as icing after an injury - you want to reduce the blood flow.

    Nope, I've never put together a mileage chart! Just running what I feel like. I may get a little more systematic when getting ready for the marathon, but haven't really decided yet.

  4. Though I should add, it wasn't always so! The first time I ran 10 miles, I was literally sore for two weeks. It definitely gets easier.