Thursday, September 29, 2011

Time For New Shoes

I'm currently running in the Brooks Adrenaline 10 (link is to the updated version). I've been very happy with how they've felt, but it's time for a new pair; i've been feeling the shoe flatten out over the last few weeks. My dilemma is that I have a sweet coupon for Sauconys, and it sounds like the Saucony Omni ProGrid is the equivalent in that brand. I'm heading to my local running store tomorrow to try them on, but wanted to see if either of you had any opinions. I think I prefer a shoe with more stability then either of you, but would welcome any ideas/feedback you might have about the two brands.


  1. the only shoe i used to run was the adidas supernova control, one of the most rigid shoes i've ever had on my feet. i am a severe overpronator, and so, even if i want to move more towards a natural gait, i need some control in the process of doing so.

    the nike lunarglide was absolutely my shoe of choice for this, because it had control in the upper and insert, but a free moving soul, to allow for the proper bend. the lunarglide 3, which is my most recent shoe purchase, has a lot more control than the original version did. the moon-material soul (lunarlon) is pretty incredible, the shoe is very light and responsive and really, i love it. that said... i AM injured... could be because i am so used to a very rigid shoe like the supernova control, or it could just be simple overuse. anyway, it's at least one to consider.

    i don't think i've heard more hype for any single show of late than the saucony kinvara. at least worth trying on, especially with the coupon.

    i might also suggest getting 2 pairs... one with more control and one with less. alternate days to build stabilizer muscles.

    barring the coupon, you might just want to go with what you know and try out the updated version of what you have.

  2. Hopefully your local running store will let you run around the block - or if not, at least they'll have a treadmill in store. If so, I'd say don't make any mental decisions until you've had a chance to run in them.

    Otherwise? There's a good argument for going with what you already know and like. And I do think Brooks makes a quality shoe. I'm running the 50k in a pair of Brooks Launch.

    Have you been totally satisfied with the Adrenaline, even on your longer runs? Sufficient cushion, and no problems with blisters? If so, you may have already found your shoe.

    On the other hand, I'm guessing you're going to wear out this new pair of shoes before the marathon. If so, you may want to try something different, so you are familiar with a couple of different shoes and can make the best choice before the marathon.

    I also say, wherever you buy your shoes, make sure they have a good return policy that will let you return a pair of shoes even after a few short runs.

  3. Thanks for the comments! A few things:
    - I do really like the Adrenaline. The toe box is perhaps a touch bigger than I'd prefer, but I haven't had any serious blisters.
    - Since I'm pondering buying two pairs so I can alternate between them (winter's coming, so gotta give those shoes time to dry out!), I'm thinking i'll go with the Adrenaline again and try another one. Eric, your shoe sounds interesting, and i'll have to check out the Brooks Launch.

    The store does have a treadmill, but since it's a *beautiful* day out I anticipate running up and down the sidewalk. The benefit there is that the staff can watch you run and make recommendations (which is how I ended up with the Adrenaline to begin with).

  4. I'm not sure what "I haven't had any serious blisters" means. If you get little blisters in a pair of shoes over a 7-mile run, they're only going to get worse by mile 20. Of course, it may be that a different pair of socks fixes the problem.

    The brooks launch doesn't have any support. So, it may not be what you're looking for. I only cited it to say that I like the Brooks brand.

    Beautiful day down here, too!

  5. I think it's the socks - I've been running mainly in cotton and am slowly loading up on the synth fabrics. Plus, I get blisters very rarely, and they're usually gone in a day or two.

    Ended up going with two pairs: another pair of Brooks Adrenaline (v11) and a pair of Saucony ProGrid Guide. The Guide is basically like the Adrenaline in that it has a decent amount of support but is still very flexible, and has enough padding to keep me safe when my legs get tired and have an occasional heel strike, but the Glide has a little bit less support throughout the arch (the main support doesn't go as far back into the heel as the Adrenaline).

    In the end, I didn't have the guts to go with anything with less support given how comfortable and injury free I've been. I'm going to alternate runs between the two and see which pair I'll want to use for the big day next May.

  6. I'm jealous of your manly feet! If I run a mile in cotton socks, I get huge blisters. Probably that's what I get for starting running so late in life.