Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Motor City Here We Come?

I didn't realize it until I looked at the standings, but Detroit has been on a tear. So, there is a reasonable possibility we could be playing them in round 1, instead. So how do we stack up?

May 18 (home): win (1-0, WP: Bard)
May 19 (home): win (4-3, WP: Papelbon)
May 26 (away): win (14-1, WP: Aceves)
May 27 (away): win (6-3, WP: Wakefield)
May 29 (away): win (4-3, WP: Albers)
May 29 (away): loss (0-3, LP: Beckett)

It looks like we do pretty well against the Tigers, but we came up against them while we were hot, and even then, there were a lot of close games.

Here's how our potential starters fared:

Beckett: 2.25 (12.0 IP)
Lester: (0 IP)
Lackey: (0 IP)
Bedard: 3.18 (17.0 IP)
Wakefield: 2.57 (7.0 IP)
Miller: (0 IP)
Buchholz: 2.08 (13.0 IP)

That's an awful nice looking set of numbers. However, if Detroit manages to get their rotation set (which they should, since they are 8 games up in their division), then Verlander would be pitching twice. So far this year, he's pitched 15.2 innings against the Red Sox, with a 1.72 ERA. That's kind of scary.

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  1. My one Fenway appearance was a Tigers game (Beckett vs. Verlander) on 5/19. We got to the potential MVP for three runs, and if it wasn't for one of Bard's rare meltdowns, we would have won easily, rather than having to rely upon CarlCrawford (!) heroics. Having said that, he scares me to death in a short series.