Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wild Card

Oddly, the Red Sox are better on the road (43-27, 0.614) than they are at home (42-29, 0.592). So maybe they should be resting up and intentionally taking the wild card?


  1. Weather or not it's what they *should* be doing, it's apparently the tactic that they're taking. For that reason, I doubt I'll be catching any of the games this weekend.

    Oh, and apparently Yook needs an MRI on his hip. Blah.

  2. I've been so negative lately, I felt the need to come up with something positive. Here goes:
    We have 16 games left. 7 of them are against the Orioles. Tampa Bay has 17 games left, seven of which are against the Yankees.

    I feel a little bit better. But if we don't start pitching better, even if we make the playoffs, it'll be a quick visit.