Thursday, September 1, 2011

Recent Reads

A few quick thoughts on the books while I read in Greece.

The Child in Time is by far my favorite novel by Ian McEwan. Most likely, it is because it is his least focused. Well worth reading if you are looking for soemthing new.

Troubles, by J.G. Farrell, is engaging but overrated. Perhaps if I was British and more interested in the Irish question, I would think differently.

The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat, turns out to be more of a random collection than I had hoped. Good for subway reading, though.

Sex and the River Styx is gorgeously written, but gets repetitive: each essay explores exactly the same ideas about the environment and about aging. Worth buying, but to maximize your enjoyment, put this on your bedside table and read on essay every month or so.

Outsider in Amsterdam turned out to be one of the least rewarding mystery novels I've read in a long time. Very hard to understand the positive reviews for this one.

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