Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Check-in

I managed 74.65 in 15 runs this month. A lot of short mileage (my typical lunch-time run is 3.5 - 4.1 miles) combined with ever-longer runs on the weekend.

Know that due to vacations, babies and injuries, this month was a bit smaller for both of you, but what do you have?


  1. 67.93 on 10 runs, all but 1 before aug. 20. slowest month since march.

    september will probably be very small in terms of total mileage.

    a little less than 20 to go to get to 365 on the year!

  2. Despite the vacation - and the heat - I somehow managed to set new personal marks for the month: 13 runs, 78.96 miles.

    Eric is now averaging longer runs than I am!

  3. joel, congrats for surpassing the 365 mark!!

    monster month for both of you. and i'm the one who needs to be sure not to overdo it?