Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lineup without Ortiz

I just heard the news that Big Papi is going to miss the next week with Bursitis. (I had to look it up too.)

I'm curious: how does this affect our lineup moving forward? I assume that it means that Lowrey plays DH, and when either Yook or Scutaro DH when he plays the field. Or perhaps Aviles?


  1. Well, it looks like Francona is experimenting. The fact that Youk is able to play 1st or 3rd (or DH) does seem to open up a lot of options.

    I guess it's more important right now to let guys get healthy, even if it means we don't win the division and go in as a wild card. But the way things look right now, the division winner will get to play the winner of the AL Central, which figures to be much easier than playing the winner of the AL West.

  2. Your first point is excellent, and one of the reasons that Yook is so valuable. However, he just was put on the DL (back).

    I agree that it's more important to get guys healthy too, but this rash of injuries is making me nervous. Yook hasn't seemed himself all year long, and Ortiz has an old-man's ailment. Hopefully the young guys can step up: Aviles and Scutaro alternate at SS, Lowrie 3B and DH, and the new guy Lavarnway at DH as well (hitting .301 with 16 homers and a .993 OPS in 55 games in Triple-A) could DH. Lavarnway is also a catcher... wonder if we'll see Salty DH on the days Tek is catching? Can't think of any other viable DHes on the roster if Gonzo has to stick to 1B. I guess McDonald could play RF while Reddick DHes, but I don't like that idea.