Thursday, August 25, 2011

red sox lately

the other day i was thinking about writing a post about how i just haven't liked the way the red sox have been looking.  of course, with all the injuries, any sox fan certainly has cause for concern.  but beyond that, there was the much lower run production, a general stalling of the office; lack of consistency in the lineup leading to what i felt were junior-jammer defensive efforts at times, and the major woe of pitching that we collective have built up this season.  even in beckett's last start, the one guy who has been particularly solid on the mound this year, i just didn't feel comfortable.  the analysts found a lot of good things to say about his outing, but it felt strained.

last night's game though...  how sorely needed was THAT!!  adrian gonzalez coming off a night where he homered twice, beckett dancing around the strike zone and throw 95 mph fast balls, ellsbury being his MVP-self, CarlCrawford mashing the ball (5 RBIs!!), Ortiz back and hitting well, even Darnell McDonald was hitting well.  The sox finally gave Beckett some run production, and he barely even needed it for as well as he pitched.

what a game.  let's hope they keep it up!!


  1. It feels like forever since i've had a chance to watch the Sox. They're playing damned good right now, and I hope that the rest - 68 hours without Red Sox baseball! - will keep them energized for the rest of the season.

    Stat of the weekend: On Saturday, Big Papi was 5-for-8, with two singles, two doubles, a home run, and four RBI.

  2. i was lucky enough to make my first trip to fenway this weekend. seems bad weather, rain delays and rescheduled games resulted in the perfect storm with respect to getting tickets.

    was nice to see papi so dominant... onward to tonight!!