Thursday, September 29, 2011

This is Why They Play the Games

Remember those odds I was posting on the Red Sox making the post season? Turns out someone summarized them all on a graph for us to "enjoy."

Really does put this epic collapse in perspective. An all-around choke, this one.

And that'll be my last writing on the Sox for a bit methinks. I'd like to put down my thoughts on what to do in the offseason but it's just too soon. For now, my immediate reaction is that the only people I'd keep without a doubt are Ellsbury, Pedroia, Aceves, Francona, and (surprisingly) Scutaro.


  1. You have exactly the same perspective as this guy:

    Which is a compliment, because its one of the best post-mortems I've read today.

  2. That IS a compliment! Finn's one of the few Boston sports writers that I feel doesn't have an agenda; he writes like a fan. Glad to see that he feels the same way about the team that I do. And really glad to see his thoughts on Francona because I think the same thing: anyone calling for his head today doesn't remember what it was like when the Sox had bad managers. Thanks for sharing!

    FWIW, that picture of Papi made me sad. He had such a great season and yet I get the feeling that the Sox are ready to move on unless he's willing to take a huge paycut.