Thursday, September 22, 2011

Inspiring Little Readers

Surrounded by Books!
It's still too early in their lives to tell if i'm raising my kids well or not, but one of the things that i'm confident in is that both of my boys will be good readers. We've always surrounded them with books and constantly read to them, and now both of them read incessantly. I mean, just look at the picture here: Trey was all by himself in the living room, just pulling books down off the shelf and flipping through them, babbling to himself. He even mimics the cadence of my voice when I read to him! I feel fortunate, because I hear a lot about how kids these days don't like to read, but so far at least, i've been able to avoid that pitfall!

I wonder when I can start him on Pynchon...

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  1. There is an essay by Borges on the notion of immortality, where he recounts his mother's observation that, even at an advanced age, he still read with the same voice that his father had read. This reminded me. (No word if Borges's father read him Pynchon).