Thursday, September 29, 2011

Naked Running

No, not what you think! I ran without my iPhone strapped to my arm today due to the threat of rain and literally felt naked. Other than races, when i'm thinking about other things, I always run with my phone, and not having it along felt really strange. Perhaps I should start alternating arms so that not having it on my left arm wouldn't feel so strange when I don't have it with me! Do you have this same reaction?

I'm wondering if when I start running with the water bottle during the really long distances i'll start feeling the same way on my shorter runs.


  1. that's pretty funny, i'm exactly the same way. i actually carry my phone, in a plastic bag to keep the sweat off it, in my hands. i switch from left to right every mile or so. i went out a couple of times without it and felt very strange. come colder weather, however, i usually plant it deep in an inside pocket... so i'll get used to it over the winter, i'm sure.,=

  2. I don't carry my iPhone (I use an iPod shuffle for music).

    You'll totally get used to carrying a water bottle. And then, it will feel good when you run short runs without it . . . but in a good way.