Thursday, September 8, 2011

Carbo Loading

Since I'm running a 5K this Saturday (Canal Diggers in Worcester), I ate my favorite carbo loading dinner: penne with Bove's Vodka Sauce. So. Good.

What do you like to eat the night(s) before a race?


  1. From The Washington Post, October 22, 1999 By Scott Douglas

    The night before the 1982 Beijing Marathon, running legend Bill Rodgers was invited by the race organizers to a lavish Chinese buffet. As a veteran of international events, the four-time winner of the Boston and New York City Marathons was accustomed to pre-race meals besides the traditional pasta dinner. Still, he probably wasn't expecting the delicacy that was presented to him as the guest of honor: a 100-year-old bird egg that had been soaked in pig urine. "It didn't taste bad," Rodgers politely offers, but you sense he wouldn't have minded a lowly bowl of rice instead.

  2. Carbo loading before a 5k? The race isn't long enough for your body to get to stored carbs. Eat something light you can 'waste out' in the AM and leave it at that. Maybe a bit of oats with honey for quick energy in the morning.

    Good luck, July brother. I'm banking On PR!

  3. I wonder if pig urine is vegan?

  4. Pasta with Vodka sauce is more of a tradition than actual carbo loading. My High School XC team used to go to the actual Bove's restaurant for pasta the night before races and it was one of the highlights of my high school life (which tells you how much I enjoyed high school).

    No urine will ever pass these lips if I can can help it, involving eggs or not. (Can't believe I wrote that sentence)