Monday, January 16, 2012

Review: Asics ARD Tights

It looks like winter has finally arrived.  To help me make it through, I picked up a pair of Asics ARD tights from Running Warehouse.

It is pretty hard to compare tights from different manufacturers online.  They all look the same, and the manufacturers' marketing materials rarely yield any useful information.  However, Running Warehouse makes it easy to narrow the field, providing measurements and fabric ratings for each pair of tights they sell.

When I started looking around, I knew I wanted three things.

First, they had to be long.  I am tall, with long legs, and I didn't want to be leaving bare skin above my ankle exposed to the cold.  Asics' tights fit the bill, with an inseam that was 1 to 3 inches longer than most other brands.

Second, they had to be appropriate for Washington DC's generally mild winters.  Running Warehouse lists the Asics ARD tights as being good for "moderate" temperatures, ranging from 30 degrees to 65 degrees.  I can't imagine wearing tights above 45 degrees or so, but the low end of the stated range was what I was looking for.

Finally, they had to be on sale.  After applying a discount code, the Asics tights set me back $46, compared to an MSRP of $75.  Good deal.

The Asics ARD tights look like your basic, black tights, but they do have a few features worth mentioning:

  • They are fitted throughout, including up front.  I'm pretty slim, and even for me, the drawstring on the waist is wholly unnecessary.
  • The calves are zippered, and the zippers themselves are long and reflective, which is a plus for running when its dark.
  • The fabric is exceptionally soft and comfortable.  
  • There is a small envelope pocket in the center of the back.  It is not big enough for much more than a credit card and a key, and I'd feel more comfortable if it had a zipper closure, but I didn't lose anything during my run today.
  • The logos are small and discreetly placed, which I appreciate.

So how did they perform?  When I set out today, the temperature was 39 degrees, with a chilly 15-20 mph wind blowing.  My legs felt pleasantly cool throughout the run, which is how I like them.  14 miles later, I had zero complaints about their performance: nothing bunched up, nothing chafed, nothing restricted my movement.  It was a happy run!

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