Saturday, March 3, 2012

Review: Feetures! Elite Socks

At the same time that I bought some Injinji socks a few weeks ago, I also picked up a pair of Feetures! Elite socks to try out.  These are billed as both a running and a cycling sock, and the version I am reviewing is the low cut, ultra light model.

The sock brags of several features common to many high-end running socks, including a seamless toe and anatomical left and right socks.  But what is exclusive to Feetures! is the "Power Arch" which -- according to the packaging -- is "anatomically constructed to provide targeted support where it's needed most."  In addition, the technical fibers are different from those in other socks I've tried -- the socks are made primarily of iWick, which I understand to be a form of nylon that is proprietary to Feetures, together with a lesser amount of polyester and spandex.

All fine and well, but the proof comes in the wearing.  In this case, the socks felt like no other socks that I've worn -- they were like compression tights for the feet.  I wore them around the house for an hour to see if the feeling would disappear.  Nope, still there.

That meant that there was no slipping of my foot inside of the sock while I ran.  To some extent, the claim on the packaging was right -- it did feel as if my sock and my foot were one.  Except for that compressed feeling, and also the fact that my feet felt a little bit slick inside of my shoe, probably due to all that nylon.

I'd recommend this sock for those who are fans of compression gear, and it may also be worth a try for those who are experiencing arch problems.

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