Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review: Injinji Toesocks (outdoor series)

Last month, I blogged about my experience running in Injinji toesocks.  After describing my very positive experience with original weight socks from their Performance Series, I noted that I was interested in trying some of the other toesocks in their lineup.  In response, Injinji graciously sent me some other models to try.  I'm passing some of them along to my co-bloggers so they can try them out and share their own perspectives.  But I kept a pair of the Lightweight Outdoor Series socks for myself.

The Outdoor Series toesocks are made from 58% nuwool, 38% nylon, and 4% lycra.  Nuwool is Injinji's proprietary blend of merino wool and man-made fibers.  As such, its unclear exactly how much wool is in this sock.  I'd love to see that information on Injinji's website, if not on the packaging (which is otherwise very informative).

But the important thing is, how well the sock works.  Let's start by talking about fit.  The socks felt surprisingly "slick" for a wool blend and easy to put on.  The packaging promises an "ultra thin" interface, and that's what you get.  These lightweight socks offer virtually no padding, so you need to make sure your shoe offers everything you need.  For me, the thin fabric also meant that my foot felt a little bit looser inside my shoe, which took a few minutes to get used to, but after that, it felt great, giving my feet more room to expand and move.

The main reason I was interested in the outdoor series is because I have found that merino wool offers better breathability than virtually any man-made fiber.  To put the socks to the test, I took them on a 9-mile run in 75 degree weather, with a couple of afternoon downpours thrown in.  When I came home and stripped my socks off, my feet were virtually dry.  Mission accomplished.

Beyond that, these socks continue to offer everything that I loved about the Performance Series: a comfortable run that lets my toes spread out and do what they are supposed to do, and that lets me come home without any blisters.

I did notice a little bit of pilling along the bottom of the socks when I took them off.  This is entirely expected from a sock that is made partially of wool.  I suspect they will not last as long as an entirely synthetic sock.  But for me, they are more than worth the retail price!  I'm planning to stock up on several pairs of these as my regular summer running sock.

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