Thursday, April 26, 2012

1Q84: Paperback

It's hard to believe, but the paperback publication of 1Q84 is already just around the corner.  As with Murakami's other books, 1Q84's paperback publisher will be published by Vintage.  Vintage's art director has posted up the design on his website.  Here is a look:

While the set doesn't have the typical Vintage look, I rather like it.  I appreciate that they have broken it up into three volumes,just the way it was published in Japan.  Readers will get the reading experience that Murakami intended -- and it will be much more portable.

Unfortunately, according to the New York Times, readers will also get a $29.95 price tag.   Ouch. 

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1 comment:

  1. Really slick looking. But i'm not sure what they're thinking: who's going to pay $30 for a softcover? Especially when you can get the hardcover for $18? not sure the benefit of being able to more easily skip part III is worth the extra $12...