Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tell Me About Gu

I think I've pretty much established that I don't eat (drink?) Gu when I run.  And no, its not because I rely on the competing Cliff Shot gels or Honey Stinger energy gels. 

Rather, to be completely honest, its becausae I've never even tried any of these products.  Just the idea of a mouthful of goo seems rather distasteful.  And I rather enjoy chewing on the various candy-like products that are made for runners.

But, I've decided to expand and try new things to see if they work for me.  So, tell me about your use of energy gels.  Unlike with other sources of calories, energy gels hit your system with about 100 calories all at once.  How soon into your run do you take one, and how often thereafter?  Do you have a favorite flavor - or a flavor you'd avoid?   


  1. Clif makes shot bloks and shot gels. Maybe try the gels first, as they'll be similar to what you're using?

    I use gu espresso love. I take my first after 1 to 1.5 hrs, depending on feel. Then, it's either every 45 min, or every 30 minutes, also depending on feel.

    Since switching to gu (or gel, could be clif, hammer or what have you) I've found I get energy more quickly from gels vs gummies.

    Too bad you didn't join the gu challenge on strava! We all got boatloads of free gu.

    Definitely give it a 'shot' though... Works for me, maybe for you as well?

  2. Personally, I use caffeinated Gu (usually the Chocolate Outrage to get me going on my morning runs, taking it 15-20 minutes before I head out the door. Most of my in-run energy comes from FRS Energy Chews mainly because they taste better and digest easier than the Clif shot blocks. However, on my long (2+ hour runs), I typically take another Gu 3/4 of the way home to keep me going, although at that point I prefer a decaffeinated one.

    As Eric sez, the Gus give you more instant energy than the chews, but I find that they're typically sweeter and don't sit as well in my stomach. Be sure to eat them with liquid! And let us know how it goes.