Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DRM-free SciFi

Boing Boing reports that:
"Today, Tor Books, the largest science fiction publisher in the world, announced that henceforth all of its ebooks would be completely DRM-free. This comes six weeks after an antitrust action against Tor's parent company, Macmillan USA, for price-fixing in relation to its arrangements with Apple and Amazon."
The author things that this might be the start of the demand for DRM-free books, noting that
"Now that there is a major publisher that has gone completely DRM-free (with more to follow, I'm sure; I've had contact with very highly placed execs at two more of the big six publishers), there is suddenly a market for tools that automate the conversion and loading of ebooks from multiple formats and vendors. For example, I'd expect someone to make a browser plugin that draws a "Buy this book at" button on Amazon pages (and vice-versa), which then facilitates auto-conversion between the formats. I'd also expect to produce a "switch" toolkit for Kindle owners who want to go Nook (and vice-versa)."
While it sounds hyperbolistic, it would be really nice if one really had freedom of devices. Hell, i'd be happy with the ability to loan out your books from one device to another, even on a limited time basis. Here's hoping that this news will take us one step closer to that world!

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