Friday, May 18, 2012

KBVCM Running Technology

There are some neat technological perks for participants in the Burlington City Marathon:

  • Athlete Tracking
    • Subscribe to have real-time split and finish line data sent directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. 
    • Designate up to 5 phone numbers to receive text messages. 
  • Live Results 
    • View leader positions, search for athletes, view pace, splits, finish line times, age group placing and overall results. 
  • Athlete Video 
    • View individual athletes crossing the finish line. Searchable by bib number, name (marathoners) and team name. 
While i'm not going to tweet or FB my stats, I like the use of technology to give observers just-in-time information. For instance, I'll be able to have my tracking information sent to my family so they'll know more about when to expect me at the spots on the course where they'll be watching. Fun!

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