Monday, May 14, 2012

Taper Time

less than two weeks remain before the race.  i've put in over 700 miles so far this year preparing for one single run, a fact which i'm finding a bit hard to get my mind around right now.  it's pretty clear that the journey is much more than a means to the end, as as todd pointed out, and i'm not terribly interested in stating my goals for the race, but i will say that i'm very happy with how training has gone.

i had some very memorable runs, most of them along the ever-beautiful charles river,

some of them with my co-bloggers todd and joel, a few really nice trail runs and a few really awful slogs as well.  through all of it, i can say i've never enjoyed running more than i do now.

i'm really looking forward to toeing the line in a couple of weeks, of spending a few hours running and then spending an evening with my close friends and family celebrating.

i don't expect the next two weeks to be easy; my mind and body aren't wired correctly for tapering.  i hope my legs will thank me on race day!

until then, happy taper time!!

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  1. You've done an amazing job, dear husband. Eamon and I are so proud of you. Can't wait for this weekend! Ilu