Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Post-run Beers runs down it's top six post-run beers. The list:

  1. Marathon Lager by Athenian Brewery
  2. Victory Lager by Victory Brewing Co.
  3. The Bitter End Pale Ale by Two Brothers Brewing Co.
  4. Hoppy Feet by Clown Shoes Brewery
  5. Tracktown 200 Meter Ale by Eugene City Brewery
  6. 26.2 Boston Marathon Brew by Samuel Adams 
I've only had the Victory Lager, and while it would be good post-race, immediately after a race I crave a lighter beer. I imagine a good ol' Magic Hat #9 or Long Trail Blackberry Wheat would taste pretty good after ripping up a course on a hot day. I'm hoping that I can find myself a Switchback after the Burlington Marathon. 

What's your favorite beer after a good run?


  1. Pretty sure this list of beers was just chosen based on the names, right?

    If so, I agree, Long Trail would be a pretty good addition. How about Bear Republic's Racer 5?

  2. Sounds good to me! Also #9 would be good for those of us who don't anticipate winning any races anytime soon. And Switchback might be for ultrarunners on trails?