Friday, June 22, 2012

Love the Team, Hate the Newspaper

I love watching the Red Sox, hate following them in the traditional outlets. So, it seems, does David Ortiz:
"It's becoming the [bleep]hole it used to be. Look around, bro. Look around. Playing here used to be so much fun. Now, every day is something new, not related to baseball. People need to leave us alone, [let us] play ball and do what we know how to do."
Of course, simply winning would shut up most of the "chicken and beer" obsessed media who do seem more interested in reporting on (and fostering?) clubhouse dissension than they do writing about actual baseball - including more reportage on Ortiz's incredible season. The dude's only hitting .313 with 18 homers, 49 RBI, a .614 slugging % and a 1.012 OPS in 68 games. He's carrying the team, and i'm not surprised he's sick of hearing nothing but recirculated crap from the reporters that talk to him everyday.

Fake controversies like this is why I get 99% of my Sox information from blogs. With that in mind, here's Over the Monster's take on the hullabaloo.

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