Friday, June 15, 2012

They're Better Than You Think

At this point in the season, the Red Sox have scored 319 runs.  That is the second highest total in baseball.  (The Texas Rangers have scored 335). 

So, why do they have a losing record?  It must be the pitching, right?  Well, Red Sox pitchers so far have allowed 293 runs.  That's not fantastic, but still, the Sox are scoring more runs than they are giving up.  That ought to be a recipe for success. 

Unfortunately, what's happening is the Sox are losing a lot of close games (for instance, the entire series against the Nationals), after which the offense comes together and puts together some blowout victories (Wednesday's game agains the Marlins.)

As a result, the Sox are four games in back of the Tampa Bay Rays,* who have scored (269) virtually the same number of runs that they have given up (262).

Nevertheless, the pieces are in place for a winning team.  The Sox just need to find a way to win some more of the close games.  There is still time to turn this season around.

*The Rays would qualify for a wild card spot if the playoffs were held today.

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  1. Thanks for the numbers! Have to say that I'm surprised by them. I didn't realize that what I perceive as our moribund hitting was so prolific. I guess we're just spoiled by the prodigious outputs of the last few years.

    There's always a chance that the team could go on a hot streak, although while I remain hopeful I'm honestly not sure I see that happening. Happy to be proven wrong!