Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June Runs

Despite the fact that the weather is getting hotter, and that my runs are getting longer and faster, my legs feel better than ever. Following Saturday's long run, all I had was a little soreness above my ankles.

Unfortunately, though, I've been feeling a little mentally fatigued with running. After a glance at my Garmin, I realized why. 92 miles in the past 30 days! I had no idea I was running that much--I was just trying to get out and run before summer really set in. But I think I am going to take a little bit of a break for a week, and spend more time watching the Red Sox, and less time running.

Because the Red Sox have really been on an amazing tear. In the month of June so far, the have scored 132 runs. The next nearest team (the Yankees) has scored 98 runs. The average in the AL is 78 runs. In short, the offense has been insane. I wish I could figure out what the major league record is for runs by a team in the month of June, because I think there is a decent chance we're going to take that record.

As long as the Sox don't get mentally fatigued with all that running.


  1. very clever joel.

    and, WOW, 92 miles? that's a lot, an AWFUL lot.

    in the 30 day span ending with my last run i did 60.09 miles. i started a graceful taper before my "race" last saturday, had 1 more run planned for friday night. not feeling so good, i decided to skip the run and save it for the race on saturday. next thing i know, 101 degree fever, sore throat and body aches which have kept me in bed through today since friday night.

    as i recover (fever is now under control, probably strep) i realize how much my legs hurt. muscles, bones, all of it. in the amazing weather we had over the past couple of days (78, sunny, no humidity), i have been dying for a run. but after days of rest, having my legs still hurt, seeing my health in question, i realize maybe i am more than mentally fatigued with running.

    take a break, go to your local wine shops and try to snatch up as much of the 2007 napa cabs as you can. those who know are saying it's one of the best years they can remember for those grapes there.

    i'm pretty curious about your goals, joel... there has to be a race on the horizon, despite how tight lipped you've been about it. that's a LOT of miles though....

  2. Damn Joel! That's a LOT of miles. My last 30 days was ~55, although that may have been more if I didn't have that business trip where I did no running. Keep us informed on how long it takes to recharge the batteries. I'm (very) tentatively thinking of running a marathon next May which would mean picking up my mileage considerably and i'm not sure how I'll deal with it - i'd like to hear about your experiences.

    Since you're running these huge distances anyways, would you be interested in running the Burlington Marathon if I end up doing it? Info here:

    Eric: do whatever you need to do to get better! There's no point in exercising if it's only going to make you feel worse...

  3. i have barely emphasized the better, which i realize should soon. most importantly, quitting a bad habit you both know about, losing 10 pounds and counting (i needed to gain about 20, latched on to about 40, so i'm about 10 pounds away from where i should be), feeling so much more energetic at work and at home, taking a completely successful and natural approach to mental health, plus the athletic achievements (all volleyball related this year, but more to come!).

    getting back into running (for me, more importantly, training for something, biking, running, swimming to beat chad at a triathlon) has gotten me back on track for just about everything, from health, to work, to making music, to insulting my friends and friend's brothers.

    how can you argue with that!!

    speed workout sunday?

  4. Eric - honestly, I don't have any races in the works, and no particular goals for time and distance. I'd like to be able to say I've run an ultra at some point, and when the time comes, it comes. Beyond that, though - I don't get terribly excited about the idea about racing. No need to line up with 10,000 strangers to enjoy a good run.

    Todd - on the other hand, I'd love to line up with a good friend. I'll definitely join you in the burlington marathon, if you go for it. It's a bit (ok, a lot) easier for me to train since I don't have kids. But if you can get the time away, let's go for it. (Eric, you too!)