Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Remember those days when the Yankees were in their prime and the Red Sox were a bunch of upstarts, and you'd get nervous every time the week in the schedule arrived when we had to play them, and then, somehow, the Red Sox would get ahead of them in a game, and it would be the most unbelievable, exciting, edge-of-your-seat event?

Do you miss those days?


  1. I don't really miss those days, because more often than not it all ended in heartbreak. Other than wide right, my most painful sports memory was the Grady Little brain fart in 2003. Hurts to even think about it.

  2. even the mention of grady's pedro episode... ech..

    something about being the underdog is amazing. for the first year in a while, i feel like OUR team's deck is stacked. it's strange, and especially when this season began as it did...

    i do miss those days. absolutely. but i wouldn't trade them for these days. i like watching the red sox win, and especially when it's at the yankees expense.