Thursday, June 30, 2011


So i'm intersted in a good smoothie recipe for before/after runs so that i'm refuling wisely rather than devouring whatever happens to be in my path.

What, if anything, do you drink after your runs? Do you make your own smoothies? If so, what do you use? Are they fruit based? Include dairy (just for Joel, I guess)? This RW smoothie article includes an interesting carrot juice recipe here that sounds like it's worth exploring.


  1. Sorry, I will never put spinach into a smoothie. Nor cayenne pepper or canned pumpkin.

    Back before my blender broke, it was ice, some milk, an egg or two, whatever random fruit I had handy that I had to use up, maybe some orange juice, maybe some protein powder.

    Call me old fashioned.

  2. - organic blueberries (frozen)
    - fresh organic banana
    - vega smoothie infusion, where i get protein, omega 3s and green foods (
    - flax seed oil (additional omega 3s)
    - organic soy milk

    i have this every morning (rather than after a run).

  3. Joel: old fashioned! :D The carrot smoothie to me sounds like a bloody mary, which always brings back good memories, although I could see why it might not sound appetizing.

    Like the idea of a smoothie infusion. Gonna have to pick me up some of that.

    I tried this one this morning and loved it:
    4 ounces coffee
    4 ounces milk
    1 frozen banana, sliced
    2 tablespoons whole almonds (didn't have almonds so used walnuts)
    2 teaspoons natural cocoa powder

  4. Eric, how much flax seed of it do you add to your smoothie? I picked up some flax seed (not oil) but am not sure how much I should be using.

  5. not sure about the quantity of flax seeds, as i always use the oil (2 soup spoons full).

    one thing i know about flax seeds is that you don't get the benefit of them unless they are ground up... which won't happen on that fine of a level in a blender. they say to be extra careful to chew them up well... or you could probably use a food processor or just a mortar and pestle.

  6. Damn. Didn't know you needed to grind them up. I just invested Flax Seed Meal, which hopefully is ground up enough? I'll have to look into it.

    Also brought some Chia seeds, which are much smaller then I anticipated. Pondering tossing some of them in the smoothie as well.

    Regardless, i'm using a frozen banana as the base, throwing in some frozen blueberries and soy milk, and depending how I feel, augmenting with coffee, muscle milk and/or chocolate. Been loving them!

  7. Chia seeds are amazing. They are small, they go down easy, and you don't have to grind them up.

    You could definitely toss them into a smoothie, but I really like them as part of my pre-run regime. You can shake them up in some gatorade and let them soak overnight; sprinkle them on oatmeal; in yogurt; or just eat them straight.

    Every now and then my gut has complained when I get too enthusiastic and eat too many of them. Experiment for yourself, but I stick to around two tablespoonsful (which is plenty).