Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Time

This is not a news flash, but J.D. Drew has lost it. He was the only starter not to have a hit last night, as evidenced here. I'm not sure what options the Sox have here - even though this is his last year, Drew's still making a LOT of money and is not attractive in a trade. Regardless, I don't think that Tito can continue to play him. Half the season is over and he continues to look completely lost at the plate. I'm not a huge McDonald fan, but at this point I think he has more upside than Drew. What are your thoughts? Personally, I'm just not sure I can bear to watch him strike out in the midst of another rally again - it's just too painfully predictabl to watch.


  1. McDonald doesn't look good this year. Reddick does. Either way, one of them should be playing RF.

    Even if they turn out not to be that great (yet?), at least they'll be getting playing experience. You're right; there is nothing to be gained by giving that spot in the lineup to Drew.

    He's had a very good career with the Sox - but given that he's never been that much of a sentimental fan favorite, it's hard to understand why the team is holding on to him. Maybe it's just hard to let (yet more) money be spent without payoff this year.

  2. Completely agreed. Didn't phrase myself well originally, but IMO Reddick should be playing RF. If he's not, it should be McDonald. I don't see any reason why Drew should still be in the starting lineup. I sure hope that money isn't factoring into this decision. I suspect it's more to do with Tito's loyalty to his players: I remember cursing how long he stuck with Bellhorn in '04 until his HR in Game 6 of the ALCS made up for all flaws. Having said that, the difference is that Sox didn't have a legit backup 2B that year, while they have two acceptable alternate RFers this year. Give Drew the hook!

  3. my thoughts on this are that we should stick with Reddick and not spend the cash on beltran. beltran is absolutely the kind of player that would kill us red sox fans... all the potential, but just doesn't live up to the hype. and, reddick is playing damn good so far... can't argue with our results, either.

    i don't want to be the yankees... as much as everyone thinks we already are for having paid out the nose for players (c'mon, we've been BEGGING theo to do this, and, finally, he did)... and, as todd said, i don't want to be over loyal to players (you both know how i feel about drew).

    let's just hope that theo and crew are just smart about this... let's give a kid an opportunity (reddick) and if that doesn't work, maybe we go back to a kid who played like reddick last year (mcdonald).

    what i hope is that we don't go for beltran and that we don't stick with drew.