Friday, July 22, 2011

So. Hot.

I got up at 5:30 for my morning run. By the time I tossed back a cuppa coffee and laced up the shoes, it was almost 6:00. The thermometer read 80 degrees, and the huge hazy sun was already making the non-shady streets difficult to stand. When I returned home 45 minutes later, I figured out exactly why: in addition to the heat, the dew point was 73 and humidity was 80%. Yikes. Not optimal conditions, although i'm addicted enough to the run that i'll continue to wake up at ungodly hours to get them in. I'm not complaining about summer - I do remember how awful this winter was! - but I am looking forward to running during my lunch hour without it feeling like attempted suicide.


  1. Despite the heat, I just couldn't bear the thought of a treadmill today. So I figured I'd get up early and limit myself to a 12-mile run, and I'd be OK. When I got up at 4:45, it was 87 degrees, with 64% humidity. I ran slow and took in plenty of water and electrolytes, but even so, I've been feeling nauseous all day. Undoubtedly, a mild case of dehydration/heat exhaustion. Run safe out there!

  2. it makes me nauseous to think of running in the morning, much less that early. not that recent developments don't have me up at that time, but just that i don't have the energy to do it, in ANY conditions.

    maybe things will soon change.

    still, i assume you could find a lit course to run when it's dark to avoid at least the sun?