Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Red Sox, Running, Reading

I'm locked out of the Red Sox action again - believes that I am in the viewing zone for Baltimore games, even though no Baltimore games come in on my TV. Sigh.

I'm pretty amazed that we are first in the AL at this point. The rotation is in shambles, the bullpen isn't that much better, and though the lineup is the best in the big leagues, there are more than a couple players who aren't yet living up to expectations. I hope we work out the kinks in the coming months, because the NL is looking strong.

Not only have I not been watching baseball, I've not been running. Great weather this past weekend, but we had plans to go up to NYC, and there wasn't really time to work in a long run. I satisfied myself by watching runners in Central Park. Hundreds of them, running around the reservoir. It is amazing what a variety of forms and gaits people have, and how form doesn't correlate with speed, or age, or how much people spend on their running clothes.

Later, I went to down to Jackrabbit Sports, my favorite running store in New York. (Sad, to say, DC doesn't have a great running store.) Although I had no intention of buying anything, I tried on several pairs of shoes and ran in them on the treadmill, just for fun. Was this wrong of me? (Basically, it's the equivalent of browsing in a bookstore, and though I had some help from an employee, I expect they are paid by the hour?) Anyhow, I tried on the Brooks Launch, and liked it very much; it may be the next pair of shoes I buy, whenever the time comes. Incredibly light and comfortable and nicely padded, just what I am looking for in a distance shoe. I was also intrigued by the Adidas Adios. It was just a bit narrow, and just a bit too firm underfoot for me (it's more of a racing shoe) but the upper was oh-so light and comfortable.

I'm itching for a long run this weekend, but the weekend highs are supposed to be near 100s, and the early morning low temperatures are still supposed to be in the 80s, with plenty of humidity. My office has a gym in the building, and though I don't like treadmills at all, I'm tempted....

Also: plenty of reading on the train! Book reviews (yes, plural) coming soon.


  1. not a bad game to miss, to be honest... painful to watch. last night you missed a better one....

    just got a new pair of running shoes, but which kind won't surprise either of you much... 2 generations later of the same shoe of have been running up 'til now, which would make the new pair the nike lunarglide+ 3.

    if i can figure out whether i'm coming or going on of these days, i'll write a review of these... but, most importantly, they turn heads.

    and, i'm eagerly anticipating more book reviews... hopefully at least one of them is a recommendation. i'm nearing the end of the book i'm reading (ten thousand saints, which you brought to me attention) and will need some new material soon...

  2. The lunarglide+3 looks quite different from the lunarglide+2. Looking forward to hearing if you think the changes make a difference. And, whether you tried on anything else, or if you knew you were going to be a loyalist.

  3. I'd be curious to hear exactly what you both look for in a shoe, and how you decide which one you'll go for. Honestly, when I try on shoes, I typically either go with what i've been wearing in the past or go with what the store recommends. I typically can tell the difference between the stability of the shoe, and the amount of spring it has, but other than that I feel a bit like a tasteless man in a gourmet restaurant. Perhaps its because I just haven't tried on enough running shoes?

  4. And I too am very curious to hear about the books y'all are reading. The only book I've finished recently was Born to Run and y'all already know about that. Once this month ends and I get some free time back, i'll do some more reading and writing about it: Jonathan Lethem's "You Don't Love Me Yet" is eyeing me from my nightside table...

  5. Most of the things I look for in a shoe are related to running long distances. My feet tend to expand a little bit if I run for a long time, and if the front of the toe is too tight, I get bruises on the front of my toes, my toenails turn black and fall off, etc. Not a pretty sight. So, I look for really roomy toeboxes. Similarly, I look for an upper that seems to breathe really well, because I know my feet are going to get hot. Other than that? It just has to feel nice (whatever that means).

    Reading various blogs, I find that the people who tend to obsess about shoes are all people who run long distances. I suppose that makes sense.

  6. I should have included - a shoe should hold my foot in place, so it doesn't slide around inside the shoe when I run. I suppose that seems obvious enough. But to get shoe with enough room in the toes, I often end up with a shoe that is a size bigger than my normal, and that in turn can mean shoes that are too loose in other places.