Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011: A Year of Running in Review

Today, I ran my last run of 2011.   I accomplished far more than I expected this year, and for that I am grateful for my health, for my friends who have challenged me, and for my supportive wife.

To review what I managed in 2011:
  • Number of runs: 105
  • Total miles: 644
  • Average distance: 6.13 miles
  • Runs longer than 10 miles: 21
  • Longest distance: 31.1 miles
  • Number of races: 1 
  • Number of running magazine subscriptions: 3
  • Number of shoes purchased: 3 pairs
  • Number of times I tripped and fell on my face: 1
  • Number of times I felt like quitting: 0
So what will 2012 bring?  I'd like to run about 10% more, so my goal is 720 miles.  I also have a goal of completing three races: most likely the National Half Marathon, the Burlington Marathon, and the New River Trail 50K, but we shall see what life brings.

Happy holidays to all!  

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