Friday, December 2, 2011

November Summary

It's been a while since we've done one of these, but now that Eric's running again and my cobloggers and I start upping our mileage for the Burlington Marathon, I figured it's worth throwing out our numbers.

My December was:

  • 15 runs
  • 81 miles; average length = 5.4 miles
  • 7 hours, 20 minutes; Average run = 48 minutes
  • Average pace: ~8:10 per mile. (Cant easily figure this out on Nike+ for the month and am too lazy to do the math.)
How'd you do for November 2011?

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  1. You're making me look bad!

    I managed 12 runs with an average length of 4.1 miles, so 49 miles total. Average pace just a tad under 9:00/mile.

    By the way - if your average run was 48 minutes, and you ran 15 times, that means you ran for 720 minutes, which is 12 hours.

    Congratulations on an impressive month! What is your total for the year so far?

  2. 11 runs, 44.45 miles, SLOOOW pace.