Saturday, December 17, 2011

Per Petterson: It's Fine by Me

On December 1, a new -- or rather, a newly translated -- novel by Per Petterson arrived on stores' shelves.

Since the success of Out Stealing Horses, translations of Petterson's novels have been published at a rapid pace.  Perhaps too rapidly for this wonderful author to build a lasting readership in English.  But this one sounds great.  In reviewing It's Fine By Me, the Telegraph notes that the main character, Audun:
reads, smokes, broods, drinks coffee and listens to Jimi Hendrix. He and [his friend] Arvid talk of Jack London and Hemingway, symbols of masculinity whose writing Audun yearns to emulate. An ugly coil of anger manifests itself repeatedly through fights and opposition to authority. One stunning passage describes the 13-year-old Audun’s formative, stolen summer week on a farm, abruptly terminated by his father.
May I have it on Kindle, please?

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  1. Definitely want to read this one. Thanks for calling (our) attention to it!