Friday, December 9, 2011

Who is Worth $100 Million Dollars?

Not Albert Pujols, according to Brian Kenny, the host of the MLB Network program “Clubhouse Confidential." According to this Boston Globe article, Kenny:
"...we looked at the $100 million contracts, and ... found that of the 16 $100 million free agent contracts, four were what you could consider good contracts for the team. ...Why? And we found that the why is usually a misevaluation of the player’s skills, ignoring the evidence of the trends, or age."
Interestingly enough, Kenny identified the eight-year, $160 million deal Manny Ramirez signed with the Red Sox before the 2001 season as one of the contracts that worked out. The timing was perfect in that Manny was in his prime for the whole duration of the contract.

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