Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quote from "Out Stealing Horses"

The first R has been neglected here so far, so I thought I'd share a quote that I enjoyed from page 155 of Per Patterson's Out Stealing Horses:
But I was not quite with him in my thoughts, and I wonder whether that is how we get to be after living alone for a long time, that in the middle of a train of thought we start talking out loud, that the difference between talking and not talking is slowly wiped out, that the unending, inner conversation we carry on with ourselves merges with the one we have with the one we have with the few people we still see, and when you live alone for too long the line which divides the one from the other becomes vague, and you do not notice when you cross that line. Is this how my future looks?
This book was a slow starter for me, but my co-bloggers insisted that i keep at it, and after a while I settled into it and now am really enjoying the story. It helps that some of the static scenes of the beginning grow more depth as more of the background of the characters is revealed. I'm also enjoying Patterson's laid back and yet insistent style - possibly due to his long sentences about everyday things. Hoping to have something more substantial to share about this book when I've completed it!

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