Monday, May 9, 2011


I've missed most of his timely hits, but Gonzo (don't like the nickname? Come up with a better one!) has been raking lately:
Gonzalez is hitting .359 (32 of 92) in the last 22 games with 13 extra-base hits and 17 RBIs. He has hit home runs in three of the last six games at Fenway, two of them going over the wall. His batting average is up to .314 and he has a healthy .873 OPS.
So this is what the hype was all about. Now only if Carl Crawford would start doing the same...

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  1. yeah, gonzo? the only thing worse would have been a-gonz. but, absolutely, he's been killing it lately... and ala roberta flack, killing it softly. the guy really never seems to be trying all that hard. even his last HR, which was a blast, he looked like he was swatting a fly off of a sandwich. not to mention i do like his craftiness at first. i've seen him bobble a couple balls that i would have expected him to get lately, but that expectation only came after some brilliant fielding he has done this season.... i mean, that throw to third against the angels on a 1 out ground ball (for the out.)... that was really good stuff.