Monday, May 16, 2011


Congratulations to the entire Red Sox team for a sterling performance at Yankee Stadium this weekend. It was an awesome effort with everyone contributing, but in particular:

Congratulations to Josh Beckett, for fanning 9 Yankees and going a third game in a row without giving up a run. You now have an AL-leading ERA of 1.75.

Congratulations to the entire Boston bullpen, for giving up only two runs over eight innings.

Congratulations to Adrian Gonzalez for two more home runs. The New York Post has dubbed you "the newest Yankee killer."

Congratulations to Jarrod Saltalamacchia for your first home run of the season.

Congratulations to Kevin Youkilis and Jacoby Ellsbury for hitting safely in all three games.

An amazing weekend.


  1. I don't want to take anything away from an excellent series by the Sox, but I was surprised to hear how poorly the Yankees were playing. For instance, the Post wrote after Friday's game that "Teixeira is now 0-for-his-last-28 against the Red Sox. During that time, Teixeira has produced 13 strikeouts and zero RBIs.Last night in The Bronx, Teixeira helped kill three different Yankees rallies, stranding three runners." A-Rod, Jeter and Posada (when he's not sulking on the bench) are all slumping big time as well. I'm sure they'll turn it around soon but they look as punchless as the Sox did at the beginning of the year.

  2. Pretty sure this is my favorite post so far...