Friday, May 27, 2011

CarlCrawford in May

I might have mentioned it earlier this month...

That's right, CarlCrawford (all one word) is making me look like a seer for calling out his May performances. Of course, there was no way I could know what kind of stretch he was going to have in the closing days of the month.

CarlCrawford is a .295 hitter for his career, pretty good, but not mind blowing. His speed has allowed him to rack up the most triples amongst active players, however... And having him on base simply represents the most frightening scoring threat in the majors, in my opinion.

I wasn't sure what to expect when CarlCrawford came to town. I must say I really felt badly for the guy during his LONG slump. He certainly can't keep up the display he has put on the last 3 games, but let's hope we can officially call him OUT of his slump.

Judging from the sox success in this latest hitting display, the benefits of him getting on base go far beyond points added to his batting average.


  1. Imagine what happens when we move him back up in the order. Man!

  2. I had confidence that he'd turn it around eventually. Having both him and Ellsbury speeding around the basepaths gives the Sox weapons that I can't remember seeing before: most good teams will have one elite speedster, but two?